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sign on jiřská
morning in staré město
@ the little bears
Silver Line
setting up the shot
penguins along the vltava
dog in the window
coffee with kafka
on the karlův most
castle walk
postcards near the bridge
café in the lesser city
kafka´s house
under the green sign
a feline reminder
castle @ dusk
balloon over the canal
lennon in prague
castle lamp
prague orlaj
devilish sausage
fountain of grace
wine bottles
the violinist
gilded banister
burning of the heretic
from the malá strana
shadows on the bridge
spanish synagogue
geometric fountain
faux finish
overlooking the synagogue
in the lesser quarter
ceremonial hall
paper prayers
street numbers
old royal palace ceiling
ladder @ the synagogue
old-new synagogue
protective lion

all photos & images @ urban caravan photography

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