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entering the mosque
phalanx of spices
bicycle in the medina
café nuss-nuss
labyrinthine lane
abandoned basket
alley & lamp
shopkeeper's chair
morning cobbles
side door @ bab el-mansour
boy on the stairs
medina still life
grated window
carpet cat
flag & doorway
breakfast in meknès
postcard rack
at the dyers' souq
man on stairway
vegetable seller
chaouen alley
brass lamp
clay rooftops
medina horse
on delivery
basket of bottles
chaouen cat
broom in doorway
manhole cover
spice detail
silver door
blue wall
waiting for supper
sunbeam on tiles
storm clouds on the rif
alley in yellow ochre
blue on white window
rabat cat
corner in the kasbah
medina lock
bathhouse door
beaded wall
rue tijara
morning walk
gonduras for sale
yellow hand
wrought iron window
@ the spice souk
rattan babouches
blue corner
aquamarine door
window & flag
door in shadow
mudbrick & wood
today´s catch
orange cart
garden door
maghreb graffiti
corridor in blue
rue de consuls
narrow alley
grand taxi
floating kufis
bahia arches
hip rap
playing in the shadows
brass on door
kasbah door
cat in dry dock
green door
man & horse
blue door & vegetables
dappled sunlight

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