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niche @ night
terra sanctae
cathedral & clouds
cathedral door
smiting god
skull & hands
cathedral & laundry
san pedro's feet
the inquisitor´s alley
blue church
restoring the convent
dragon´s head
stained glass @ st-séverin
lamb & steeple
bearing columbus
door @ the cluny
cathedral gargoyle
cathedral in winter
fountain of the 3 faiths
@ santiago de los caballeros
a chair for saint anne
nativity façade
face @ sant andreu
arched vault
bell tower of nuestra señora
lamp & cathedral
the bishop´s ring
cardinal´s hat
lone votive
red door
sagrada spires
the 2nd station
in the shadow of the cross
chapel window
winter light
torre del alminar
church bench
cathedral by the sea
blind faith
santa maría under the clouds
guarding the city
church column
support turtle
the choir boys
san domenico
door & palm
Bishop's grave
arched shadow
jesus´ hand
notre-dame under the clouds
cathedral archway
on the way
golden face
inside la manquita
red votives
tower roof
our lady of the pastels
virgin & child
bishop's feet
impromptu shrine
window and lamp
upturned face
crown of 12 stars
mosaic roof
church cottage
church window
weeping over death
morning light
chained christians
mausoleum mosaics
rolling out the red carpet
sisters of st. clare
the end of the world
skull & dragon
the holy crucifix & calvary
baroque façade
crusader gate
agios georgios
liturgical calendar
immured cross
coppersmiths´ church
santa ángela de la cruz
@ the priory of malta
st anthony's offerings
entrance to the duomo
church & scooter
la luz del mañana
reflection in wax
window @ st. spyridon´s
harbour chapel
the belfry
awaiting paradise
the lord´s alley
angels in the apse
double spires
church & palm
magic square
pizza delivery
steeple & scaffolding
streetside shrine
before mass
light from above
st. vitus´ tower
st. nektarios looms
the red cross
organ stops
st. nicholas in the morning
bike @ the sanctuary
church @ the kerameikos
our daily bread
atop st. mark's
st demetrius' spear
restoring the church
sacred ram
rotónda & minaret
offering candles
ayía sofía
the golden gate
real colegiata de santa maría la mayor
royal skeleton
holy oils
sagrada key
sunken church
to its mother
Cemetery Chapel
to the camino
saint´s foot
san giovanni crisistomo looms
morning @ the cathedral
la tarasca
the lord´s alley
veiled newell post
@ st. lazarus´
christ among the lanterns
cleaning the chapel
Crusader Cross
homage to semana santa
Tiled Border
hand & pen
votives @ st nektarios
frog & lion
church & café
cathedral exit
church street in the moorish quarter
maltese cross
seamen´s chapel

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