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red & white
broom at the mosque
mosque door detail
seeking baraka
winged pilgrim
flags @ the blue mosque
broom & sunlight
turbaned headstone
twin lamps
medresa tiled detail
buttresses on the mosque
medresa tiles
ceiling medallions
lamp & window
mosque in winter
windswept mosque
medresa courtyard
arches @ hassan ii
afternoon prayers
obelisk & minaret
at prayer
inside the blue mosque
bezmiâlem sultan valide mosque
patio de los naranjas
lone pilgrim
fountain of the 3 faiths
the mihrab
in the columned forest
bike @ the mosque
# 87
after prayers
mosque scarves
the sultanahmet camii
La Puerta
inner courtyard
mosque door
gravestone with turban
arab ahmat pasha's mosque
blue bikes & green mosque
mosque wall
inside the Blue Mosque
shoes at the mosque
light from within
window @ haydarpaşa
red @ the blue mosque
tiles from the mosque
mausoleum courtyard
the minaret
stripes @ the mosque
mosque´s blue door
tap @ the mosque
@ the mosque
changing the lights
muslim graves

all photos & images @ urban caravan photography

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