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a hearty welcome
gilded 15
time for chocolate
winter afternoon
elaborate knocker
no. 26
brass lock
@ beehive sign
archangel & demon
white roses
royal chocolate
no. 3
peeling door
bike on sint-obrechtsstraa
red door
memorial to the fallen
yellow ochre door
wood, brick, & cobblestone
iron & brick
mail & intercom
metal doorbell
iconic ornament
lock & ring
fearsome face
spain in belgium
reflected door
sign of the handcart
no. 104
goose @ the grote markt
golden earrings
black ring
window & kegs
the department store
no. 6
lion & pears
chalice & wine bottle
ringed grotesque
@ the sign of the fox
brick & shingles
sunshine in bruges
green man
grilled door
ivy in winter
I am original
cathedral door detail
in the fog
crooked bell
no. 3
milking day
intercom @ # 5
black knocker
the malpertuske house
sign of the moon

all photos & images @ urban caravan photography

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