about us

urban caravan photography is the product of 2o-odd years of meandering, several
cameras (& gasp! - even the odd phone), a gazillion rolls of film,sheets of slides
(& then digital slide converters), cans of compressed air (A-f-r-i-c-a), & a
short-lived love affair with polaroid emulsions & transfers (thanks for nothing
Photoshop). We assume that if you´re reading this, you´re here in some capacity
(by accident or intention), so we thank you for taking a shufti through our
galleries - galleries that, for us, have been inspired by all worlds.



Please remember that all photos & images are the property of urban caravan
photography. Feel free to drop us a line about borrowing (or heaven forbid, *buying*)
any of our photos by contacting us at urbancaravan@gmail.com or by clicking 

I´m a polaroid transfer!

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