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gagged knocker
bagels in the pletzl
clock @ the d´orsay
in saint-séverin
latticed leg
queue @ the eiffel
art nouveau frieze
champs de mar
autumn jardinière
dog @ the cluny
the left bank
abandoned bicycle
petrified scream
clock @ the d´orsay detail
caves du marais
the latin quarter
door @ the cluny
watching over paris
quai d'orsay
eiffel wheel
bread, wine & cheese
pyramid @ the louvre
copper pots
dog @ saint-paul-saint-louis
bikes in the 4e arrondissement
wavy lion
notre-dame under the clouds
eiffel detail
stairwell @ the louvre
laloux´s clock
bike at the metro
the elephant
watchtower in the marais
magnetic arrondissements
the jester
nothing without us
the approach
crossing the pont des arts
skating @ the hôtel de ville
13, rue francois-miron
guarding the city
museum demon
wall dog
eiffel in the fog
rue du temple
gothic frog
spouting sphinx
the crêperie
bikes @ the florist's
@ the sign of the elephant
@ the bistro
died heroically at age 23
@ place du carrousel
sauna @ the sign of the lion
pyramid in the fog
medieval passageway
supporting dragon
selfies with Mona

all photos & images @ urban caravan photography

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